Create a New Earth

It is time to connect with one another.

Time to use our creation abilities to create a new world.

A world aligned with GOD’s intended purpose for our evolution.


Every Sunday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time Zone

Position yourself above the Earth and envision the Earth’s Light and vibrational frequency increased to the point it becomes a  Star, a golden white 5th dimensional planet.

Empower your visualization with the strongest feelings of Love you can generate.

Do this for 3 minutes and know it has been successfully done.


We are more powerful together. You can do this every day at the same time if you wish.

There will be more to come.


Purification of the Body –You Are What You Eat

Purification rituals exist in all major religions and spiritual practices and have been regarded as the ground work from which all other spiritual measures begin. It not only sets the foundation but remains an essential component throughout one’s progression in their spiritual life. Many monastic and esoteric traditions required one to prove their understanding and commitment towards purification prior to being allowed the privilege of higher learning. They understood that it was necessary to remove or purify those facets of their being that could limit their spiritual progress. Without a clean platform from which to function all attempts in other spiritual endeavors could be met with unnecessary resistance and become more difficult.

Purification can be broken down to purifying one’s body,mind,emotions,and spiritual essence. If purification is considered the foundation of all spiritual practices then it is the purifying of the physical body that is the foundation of all purification practices. Therefore,purification begins with the body and the age old axiom YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT or rather what you ingest becomes the most important element of purifying the body.  The body is also considered the temple of the soul and the temple of God as God is experiencing its creation through individualized consciousness (you). In addition,the body not only houses the indivdualized consciousness but the finer energies and vibration from which one operates from. One can then see why so much emphasis and importance is placed on purifying the body first since it will set the pace for purifiying the mental,emotional,and spiritual bodies and literally one’s spiritual growth. Proper nutrition,cleansing,and exercise are all necessary to guarantee optimal purification of the physical temple.


Purifying the body first begins with eliminating those things that cause it harm. The following should be completely removed:

  • Do not take recreational or prescription drugs. They are addictive and long term exposure can damage the brain,heart,and other organs.
  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco – Tobacco is addictive and the number one cause of lung cancer. It also contributes to a number of other cancers and heart disease.
  • Do not ingest chemical sweeteners –These cause cancer,brain damage and seizures.


The following should be removed or at minimum strictly limited,and if consumed,it should only be in small quantities.

  • Avoid fast food and food from restauraunt chains – It is heavily laden in addictive levels of fats,salts, processed sugars,and chemical additives.  Fast food is one of the leading causes of obesity and chronic disease (heart disease,stroke,cancer,etc) in western diets and its being exported world wide.
  • Avoid processed food – Also heavily laden in additive levels of fats,salts, processed sugars,and chemical additives. This includes almost everything on the grocer’s shelf that comes in a bag,can,box,or jar. It also includes baked goods. Processed / refined food has become the staple of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and is the other leading contributor of rising obesity and chronic disease levels in western countries.
  • Avoid anything containing chemical additives as ingredients. This includes not only the unpronouncable chemical compunds but ambiguous phrases like artificial coloring,flavoring,and acronyms such as MSG.  Chemical additives are found in excessive amounts in processed and fast foods,and while many additives may appear harmless by themselves when combined with other additves they can have very detrimental effects on the body. Research at a number of universities is discovering  additives that serve no other purpose than to shut down down receptors that tell the brain when the stomach is full or that make a person crave certain foods that contain salt or sugar. Chemical additives are another primary contributor to obesity and chronic diseases.
  • Avoid processed sugar of any kind – White processed sugar,not only has no food value, it depletes the body of its essential vitamins and nutrients. It is also very addictive and contributes to obesity,cavities,heart disease,cancer,and suppression of the immune system. This includes all varieties of white processed sugar,glucose,processed fructose,and high fructose corn syrup.
  • Avoid processed flour – Processed flours contain almost no vitamins and minerals. Processed flours have a high glycemic index which contributes to diabetes and obesity. It also raises  bad LDL chloresterol levels,a primary cause of heart disease.
  • Avoid fluoride,chlorine,perchlorate,or any other toxic chemicals that may be found in municipal or bottled drinking water. If hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is taking place in your region the ground water may be contaminated with unsafe levels of methane and / or other toxic chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency does not require natural gas companies to disclose the chemicals they are using in super heated water they use to fracture underground sediment layers.
  • Avoid environmental toxins. These include pesticides,herbicides,and chemical based fertilizers sprayed on the surface of plant produce or mixed with the soil. Washing fruit and vegetables may remove surface toxins but not toxic chemicals absorbed through the roots.
  • Avoid Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) foods,there is no reliable clinical trials regarding side effects for long term human consumption. Concerns with GMO food include the long term effects of foreign genetically engineered genes permanently existing inside our intestines and the rapid increases in allergies associated with consuming GMO crops.
  • Avoid foods processed or package with nanoparticles until safety studies are conducted. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t as of yet require proof that nanoparticles are safe despite recent studies demonstrating that certain particles are harmful to human health.


The following should be removed or at minimum strictly limited to 1 to 2 times per week in small amount:

  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol is addictive,continuous use damages the brain,liver,and pancreas. It is a leading contributor to heart diseases and some forms of cancer.
  • Avoid caffeine – Caffeine elevates the heart rate and blood pressure. It causes dehydration,restlessness,and lack of sleep. An exception is 1 cup of organic coffee per day in the morning which is suitable for some people.
  • Avoid excessive quantities of cooked food – Cooking food especially at high temperatures or in the microwave destroys the nutrient and enzyme value of foods. It also makes food highly carcinogenic which contributes to cancer.
  • Avoid cooking foods in a microwave –Microwaving food not only destroys vitamins,minerals,and other nutrients it can cctually altered the nutrients making it difficult for the body to absorb them. Cosuming large amounts of microwaved food contributes to auto immune deficiencies.
  • Avoid long term use of prescription drugs – Almost all prescription drugs are toxic. Prolong drug use will result in additional ailments acquired from the drug treatments. These new ailments will then require another round of prescription drugs to treat the new ailments. A very proftable cycle for pharmacuetical companies and not a good cycle for ones health. More than 106,000 patients die each year from properly prescribed drugs,and these are the conservative CDC numbers.


The following should be removed or at minimum strictly limited to 1 -  2 times per week.

  • Animal protein and fat should be reduced – Avoid consumption of any animals given antibiotics,growth hormones,and GMO corn as its primary feedstock. Animal proteins and fat are many times more difficult to digest and numerous studies link eating animal based proteins and fats at even a fraction of what is consumed in the typical western diet to heart disease,cancer,diabetes,and obesity.
  • Dairy products should be reduced –   Avoid consumption of any animals given antibiotics,growth hormones,and GMO corn as its primary feedstock. There are some noteable exceptions which include organic unpasteurized and unsalted butter,yogurt,or cottage cheese from gas fed cows. Organic cottage cheese or yogurt mixed with flaxseed oil has multiple health benefits. All other dairy products have been found to contribute to many forms of cancer and to heart disease.

Note – Approximately 20% of the U.S.population may actually do better with larger concentrations of animal proteins and fats than illustrated above providing those persons are oxidative fast / parasympathetic dominant (usually O+ blood type) in which case they are able to utilize heavy proteins very efficiently. However,the standard American diet consumption levels of meat,poultry,and diary products far exceeds the quantities necessary for this segment of the population to thrive.


The list of foods to avoid may appear daunting. It includes most of the foods eaten in the standard American Diet (SAD). This way of eating is currently responsible for the massive increase in obesity related and chronic diseases that are being experienced in western countries. It also diminishes ones spiritual progress by calcifying their body systems and lowering their vibration.  The SAD is in essence “dumbing down” the population.


Proper purification is not simply about what foods to avoid or limit, equally important is what we put in our bodies.

First and foremost is good clean water,preferably mountain spring or glacier water. If you live in a large city it may mean having to rely on bottled water or at least purchasing a good reverse osmosis or UV system. Eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day is recommended for proper hydration.

Next is a diet that is largely vegetarian consisting of 50% to 70% raw foods with an alkaline PH. One should work up to that level over a period of months. The best way to meet this goal is by eating lots of raw vegetables and fruits. If possible,try to purchase organic produce that is free of pesticides and not genetically modified. Meat and dairy products should be consumed very sparingly or not at all unless a person is of the small percentage of the population than can utilize heavy proteins efficiently.


Vegetables should include the following:

Asparagus*,Avocados,Beets*,Broccoli*,Brussel Sprouts*,Cabbage*,Carrots*,Cauliflower*,Celery,Cilantro,Chard,Collard Greens,Cucumbers*,Eggplant,Garlic*,Green Beans*,Chile Peppers,Kale*,Leeks*,Lettuce,Mushrooms (Shitake,Cordyceps,Enoki,Maitake,and Reishe) *,Okra,Onions (red and green)*,Peas,Peppers (red,yellow,and green)*,Radishes*,Sea Vegetables,Spinach*,Sprouts (all kinds)*,Squash*,Sweet Potatoes,Tomatoes*,Turnips,Yams,and Zucchinis

Black Olives,Corn,Mushrooms (those not listed above),and Potatoes are all acidic and have a high glycemic index. Limit consumption to 2-3 times per week. Potatoes eaten with the peel are much more healthy and may be consumed 3 – 4 times per week.

* The vegetables with an asterisk have been demonstrated in various studies to have chronic disease fighting capabilities.


Fruits should include the following:

Apples,Apricots,Bananas,Blackberries*,Cantaloupe,Coconut,Cherries,Figs,Grapes (green,red*,and purple*) Grapefruit,Graviola,Kiwis,Lemons,Limes,Mangoes,Nectarines,Oranges,Papayas,Pears,Pineapple*,Pomegranates,Raspberries *,Strawberries *,Watermelon,and Dried Fruits (unsulfured with no sugar added)

Blueberries*,Cranberries,Plums,Prunes are all acidic. Limit consumption to 2-3 times per week with the possible exception of blueberries if its being used as part of a treatment for chronic disease.

* Fruits with an asterisk have been demonstrated in various studies to have chronic disease fighting capabilities.


Grains and flours should include the following:

Amaranth,Arrowroot,Millet,and Quinoa are the grains and flours that may be eaten without restrictions.

Whole grains such as – Barely,Oats,Rice (Basmati,Brown,and Wild),Rye,Spelt,and Wheat are acidic and have high glycemic indexes. Limit consumption to 2-3 times per week unless sprouted prior to preparation,in which case they may be consumed more often.


Breads,cereals,and pastas should include the following:

Brans,Millet Bread (sprouted),Rye Bread (sprouted),and speciality breads (found in the freezer section) such as Essene Bread,Ezekiel brand breads and cereals and Genesis brand breads and cereals may be eaten without restrictions.

Granola (no sugar added)and some unrefined / unsweetened cold cereals (found in health food stores) may be also be eaten without restrcitions.

Whole grain with artichoke pastas,unrefined rice crackers,and plain unrefined popcorn may be consumed 3-4 times per week.

All other breads,cereal,pastas,and crackers not mentioned above and sold at a typical American grocery store or warehouse store are acidic,have high glycemic indexes, and are heavily processed / refined. Consumption should be avoided or severely limited.


Beans and legumes should include the following:

Lima Beans,Peas,String Beans,may be eaten without restrictions. Soybean Products (Soy cheese,Soy milk,Tempeh,Tofu) may also ne eaten without retrictions unless the individual has cancer.  There is controversy regarding whether or not Soy Products should be consumed by those in cancer treatments.

Black Beans*,Garbanzo Beans (Chick Peas),Kidney Beans*,Lentils*,Navy Beans,Pinto Beans*,and Red Beans are acidic. Limit consumption to 2 – 3 times per week. Beans that are sprouted prior to consumption may be consumed more often.

* Beans with an asterisk have been demonstrated in various studies to have chronic disease fighting capabilities.


Nuts and Seeds should include the following:

Almonds*,Chestnuts,Coconuts (fresh),Alfalfa,Chia Seeds,Flaxseeds*,and Sesame Seeds may be eaten without restrictions.

Brazil Nuts*,Cashews,Coconuts (dried),Macadamia*,Pecans,Pistachios,Walnuts*,Pumpkin Seeds,and Sunflower Seeds are acidic. Limit consumption to 2 – 3 times per week unless soaked overnight in water,in which case they can be consumed more often. Another exception are those nuts that are being used as part of a treatment for chronic disease.

All nuts should be eaten raw. Salted and roasted nuts and seeds should be avoided or severely limited.

* Nuts and seeds with an asterisk have been demonstrated in various studies to have chronic disease fighting capabilities.


Animal proteins and fats should include the following for appropriate body types,otherwise consumption should be limited:

Meat –Beef,Goat,Lamb,and Wild Game are very acidic and must be organically grown i.e. grass fed with no antibiotics and growth hormones. Animals should not have been fed GMO corn and soy products as part of their feedstock. Avoid meat or limit consumption to 1 –2 times per week unless your body type can utilize heavy proteins and fats efficiently as a fuel source. To find out if your in that category your in requires metabolic testing.

Poultry – Chicken and Turkey (including eggs*) are acidic and must be organically grown i.e. grain fed in open pens with no antibiotics and growth hormones. Poultry should not have been fed GMO corn and soy products as part of their feedstock. Avoid poultry or limit consumption to 1 –2 times per week unless you can utilize heavy proteins and fats efficiently as a fuel source.

* Egg yolks (coddled,poached,soft boiled,or raw) from organically grown chickens are not acidic but still remain high in cholesterol. They do have some have chronic disease fighting capabilities and may be eaten more often if part of a treatment.

Fish – Fish with scales and fins* are the least acidic of animal proteins and fats and the best source of heavy proteins. These include Albacore,Bass,Carp,Cod,Flounder,Grouper,Haddock,Hallibut,Herring,Mackerel,Mahi Mahi,Roughy,Perch,Pike,Salmon ,Sardines,Snapper,Sole,Tilapia,Sole,Trout,Tuna,Whitefish. Limit consumption to 2-3 per week unless you can utilize heavy proteins and fats efficiently as a fuel source.

Shrimp,Scallops,Lobsters,and Oysters have the same acidic PH level as fish with fins and scales but lack the benefits of fish oil. Limit consumption to 1-2 per week.

* Fish with scale and fins are rich in fish oils which contain EPA’s,DHA’s,Omega-3,and Omega-6 and have been demonstrated in various studies to have chronic disease fighting capabilities.


Diary Products should include the following for appropriate body types,otherwise consumption should be limited:

Cows Milk,Cheese,Butter,Cream,Yogurt,and Cottage Cheese must be raw,non-homogenized,non-pasteurized,from grass fed cows with no hormone and antibiotics. Dairy cows should not have been fed GMO corn and soy products as part of their feedstock.  Avoid dairy products or limit consumption to 1 –2 times per week unless you can utilize heavy proteins and fats efficiently as a fuel source.

Goats Milk,Cheese,Butter,and yogurt must  be raw,non-homogenized,non-pasteurized,from grass fed goats with no hormone and antibiotics. Goats should not have been fed GMO corn and soy products as part of their feedstock. This is the best source of diary if its going to be consumed. Limit consumption to 2-3 per week unless you can utilize heavy proteins and fats efficiently as a fuel source.

Whey made from either raw,non-homogenized,non-pasteurized,from grass fed cows milk or goats milk with no hormone,antibiotics,and no exposure to GMO based corn products is not acidic and an excellent of protein and nutrients. Limit consumption to 2-4 per week.

All other dairy products not mentioned above and sold at a typical American grocery store or warehouse store are acidic,mucous forming,known to cause allergic reations,are heavily processed / refined,and a leading cause of chronic diseases. Consumption should be avoided or severely limited.


Herbs and Spices should include the following:

Herbs – Basil*,Chives,Cilantro,Dill*,Garlic Powder*,Mint*,Oregano*,Parsley*,Rosemary,Sage,Tarragon,and Thyme *

Spices – Anise,Bay Leaves,Cinnamon*,Cloves,Coriander,Cumin*,Fennel,Ginger,Paprika,Turmeric *,and Vanilla

Condiments –Agar Agar,Cayenne Pepper*,Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt (no table salt),Tamari,and Apple Cider Vinegar (raw and unpasteurized – no regular vinegar)

All condiments not mentioned above and sold at a typical American grocery store or warehouse store are acidic and heavily processed / refined and contibute to obesity related and chronic diseases. Consumption should be avoided or severely limited.

Herbal Teas – All caffeine free fruit and herbal blends can be consumed without restrictions. Green Tea* contains only a small amount of caffeine and its health benefit and chronic disease fighting capabilities make it an exception.

* Herbs,spices,condiments,and teas with an asterisk have been demonstrated in various studies to have chronic disease fighting capabilities.


Sugars and sweeteners should include the following:

Agave Syrup,Brown Rice Syrup,Dried Sugar Cane Juice,Honey,Maple Syrup (grade B),and Stevia. All sweeteners must be organic,non-pasteurized,unprocessed and non-sulferated.

All processed sugar and artificial sweeteners not mentioned above and sold at a typical American grocery store or warehouse store are acidic,contain no nutrient value and are leading causes of obesity related and chronic diseases. Consumption should be avoided or severely limited.


Cooking Oils should include the following:

Avocado Oil,Almond Oil,Canola Oil,Castor Oil,Coconut Oil,Flaxseed Oil*,Olive Oil*,Palm Oil,Safflower,Sesame Oil,Sunflower Oil

All other cooking or vegetable oils not mentioned above and sold at a typical American grocery store or warehouse store are acidic,toxic to the liver,compromise the immune system,and contribute to obesity related and chronic diseases. Consumption should be avoided or severely limited.

* Oils with an asterisk have been demonstrated in various studies to have chronic disease fighting capabilities.


Superfoods should include the following:

Superfoods* are a special category all to themselves. These foods contain the highest levels of vitamins,minerals,and other key nutrients that are beneficial for health and physical purification. They should be eaten as much as possible.

Acai Berry,Barley Grass,Bee Pollen,Blue-Green Algae,Cacoa (raw),Chaga Mushroom,Chlorella,Dulse,Durani,Echinacea,Golden Seal,Kelp,Kombu,Goji Berry,Maca Powder,Nettle,Nori,Noni,Propolis, Royal Jelly,Spirulina,Wakame,Wheat Grass

* Almost all superfoods have chronic disease fighting and/or prevention capabilities.


Supplements should include the following.

Supplements * are another special category that can enhance health,longevity,and purification.  Proper use of supplements will ensure all major nutrients vital for excellent health and purification get consumed.

Multi Nutrient Supplement (multi-vitamin &mineral) – Vitamin A,Vitamin C,Vitamin D,Vitamin E,Vitamin B6,Vitamin B12,Thiamine,Riboflavin,Niacin,Biotin,Calcium,Iodine,Magnesium,Zinc,Selenium,Copper,Manganese,Chromium,Potassium,Choline,Inositol,N-Acetyl Cysteine,PABA,Silica,Alpha Lipoic Acid,and Boron

Herbal Superfood Extracts and Powders – Green Tea Extract,Tumeric Extract &Powders,Spirulina,Aswagandha Root Extract,Ginger Root Powder,Eleuthero Root Extract &Powders,Pancreatin,Ginseng Root Extract,Estragalus,Lipase,Cellulase,Maltase,Amylase,and Protase

Immune Builders – Beta Glucan,Beta–1,3D Glucan,  RM-10 Ultra,Oncolyn,Biobran,Immunocal (Select 1 or 2 for daily use)

Other health promoting,longevity,and chronic disease prevention supplements – Reservatol,Lycopene,Protandim,Coenzyme Q 10,MSM,Fish oil Complex (Omega-3,DHA,EPA),Super B Complex,Ginko Biloba,DHEA,Glucosamine,SAM-e,and Fiber. (select according to need,Reservatol. Protandim,and Fish Oil Complex should always be taken)

Supplements may come in individual pills,capsules,gel capsules,multi packets,or in liquid form. Manufacturer quality varies and most provide at 100% of the daily recommended value.

* Almost all the above mentioned supplements have health enhancements qualities and chronic disease fighting and/or prevention capabilities.


Another component to purification is cleansing the body of existing toxins and the build up of waste material, this includes waist material at the cellular level. Cleanses come in a large variety of types and strengths. If it is your first time cleansing a mild whole body cleanse and detoxification would be the best course of action. These cleanses range from 2  to 6 weeks in length and will usually provide its own diet and supplement recommendations. The standard American diet,dental amalgam fillings,and the large numbers of vaccines most Americans have been exposed to will generally also require a heavy metal detox and a liver / gallbladder cleanse to remove  accumulated toxins. It is always best to seek out professional help from a Naturopathic Doctor or nutritionist to determine the best cleanses and detoxes to pursue. One arena that almost everyone would certainly benefit from are a series colon irrigations or colonics.

Exercise is the final part in purification. A minimum of 15 minutes per day 5-6 per week  improves overall health,  keeps excess weight off,increases cardiovascular function,boosts energy levels,relieves stress,improves mood,strengthens muscle,increases bone density,improves immune functions,helps fight against chronic disease, assists in the removal of cellular waist material,and is essential to moving lymphatic fluids throughout the body. The exercise does not,necessarily have to be strenuous but it should elevate the heart rate. Fast walking,jogging,swimming,biking,and aerobics are all examples of  cardiovascular exercise. Weight training,resistance training,stretching,and Yoga should also be integrated into ones workout regimen.

Beginning a purification process may at first be difficult. It will take time to locate the appropriate foods and supplements. One will have learn how to read labels,identify deceptive advertising,and discover how food producers hide chemical additives inside other ingredients or vague phrases like natural coloring or flavoring. The diet itself will require one to learn a whole different way of preparing and eating food,and this type of preparation will require extra time. There may be periods of intense cravings for the old foods you were addicted to or bouts of nausea and  hypoglycemia as your body rids itself of toxins and adjusts to the new way of eating,but these things will pass. Exercise,meditation and prayer helps in the adjustment process. Once the foundation is set by proper nutrition and periodic cleansing the body will begin to purify.  The rewards include better health,stronger immune system, more energy,better mental acuity,and most important the foundation for accelerating ones spiritual growth.

The Greatest Commandment

ALL YOUR MIND. In essence love God with your whole being.

To love God is the greatest expression of life one can assume. It denotes spiritual progression and understanding beyond serving the individual ego. As we progress through our evolutionary pathways we begin to understand there is a field of intelligence that encompasses all of reality. We are part of this field. This field has many qualities but its greatest
expression is that of love. This love is a complete acceptance and deep caring for all the entities that exists within it,since these entities are expressions of its own being each experiencing their own individual realties,and this adds to the whole that is God. When we return that love with our entire being we are allowing ourselves a greater connection to God which we all are all ultimately part of.

From a practical position when one focuses their love on God they are placing their awareness and attention on a greater perspective than their selfish natures. It allows one to expand their thinking and awareness beyond their individual needs and to include what is best for all of creation. In loving God one realizes that God is in all things and all things are interconnected and worthy of their attention. It then becomes a matter of choosing what is best for as much of creation they able to influence and interact with,not simply what is best for their own needs or the needs of a select few. Loving God with our whole being draws us towards a greater alignment with all that is and expands our ability to make better long term decisions with all parties in mind.

The second half of this commandment states - YOU SHALL LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF

This statement is twofold in nature. It denotes loving one’s neighbors as one’s self, but this also means we are to love ourselves as well. It does little good to love another as yourself if you have no or little love for yourself. We must love our neighbors and ourselves because we are expression’s of God experiencing creation. All of God’s creation is important but we interact more directly with each other than the environments within the field. How one deals with interpersonal relationships is the greatest and most challenging way we prove our love for God. Do we allow selfish needs and fear to override our true selfless nature. Selflessness is our greatest demonstration of individual evolution illustrated by the statement WHATEVER YOU DID FOR THE ONE OF THE LEAST OF THESE BROTHERS,YOU DID FOR ME. When we love and give to our neighbors we are in turn giving back to God. In the processes of proving our love to God we are creating a bettter reality for ourselves.